Terms & Conditions

  1. The distance filled in the booking details by the customer will be taken as the correct distance for the location, if the distance was not correct the extra distance covered by the taxi will be charged extra per kilometre as charged in the booking.
  2. The driver should have a valid Driving Licence if he/she is booking for self drive car.
  3. Toll and state tax and other charges like parking and extra time will be charged.
  4. For starting work with us you can attach your taxi by filling attach your taxi form and payment for the time period you want and we will provide you the service for customers in your location.
    The customer must have a valid mail id and phone number for booking the taxi.
  5. Customer have to pay the charges for the extra days for which the taxi is booked, Rupee 200 per night + fooding for the driver and 2000/day for 250 kms(Rs 8 per km). 200= Per night for driver, 2000/day/250km. Toll Tax, State Tax and Parking is paid by the customer only

For example- If the taxi is booked for Chandigarh Delhi on 1st January 9:00am and return date is 3rd January 9:00pm so the total distance is 250kms and round trip is 500kms then
A- Rs 500 * 8 Per km = Rs4000
The days after 24hrs which will be
B-250kms * 8 rs= 2000
200 rs per night for the driver
C- Rs 200 * 2 nights=400
So the final amount is A+B+C
* Excluding Toll Tax, State Tax and Parking extra

Booking Cancellation Policy

  • If the booking cancelled by the customer after taxi reached at the source of destination, then 50% of the total payment will be deducted.
  • If the booking will be cancelled by the customer before the 24hrs of departure, then 20% of the total payment will not be refunded only 80% payment will be refunded.
  • If the booking will be cancelled before 48hrs of the departure, then 10% of the full payment will not be refunded only 90% payment will be refunded.
  • If the customer is using the Cash On Spot service for booking, then the above mentioned cancellation process of refund will be applied same.